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Enter the brand and paint colour you like e.g. ‘F&B: Eggshell’ or ‘Dulux: Willow Tree’ And we will do the rest!

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Lead times, delivery & installation

Order with us to receive your bespoke hand made Dining Table, personally delivered and installed into your space, on us. We aim to deliver within 4-6 weeks from ordering. An £85 delivery & installation charge will take place through the checkout.

Table finishes, patina and character

Each top goes through a unique character building process to put forth the knots and grooves and grain of each timber top. Revealing the detail in every nook and cranny. Dark, medium and light options. 

Table Base

Choose from a range of 6 base options. Each stylish design featuring a quality built base that offers durability along with a charming look. Wood bases come with paint colour options. Metal bases without.

Paint Colour

Choose from a range of 9 options, we will always create a slight paint effect on the edges of the base, to offer a slightly more rustic, charming look. 

Size, to your hearts desire

Simply enter the size for you, and thats what we will do.  Your idea, your table, your choice.  Anything from 183cm-400cm in length and 85cm-160cm in width. The height is already taken care of. We make all our table heights to 76cm. 

Breadboard Ends

Breadboard ends on your table add to the rustic charm of the table, giving authentic feel to your room. However they are purely aesthetic, just a little detail that can add to the style.


Choose between a slick and sharp 40mm top thickness, or a chunky, thick look with a 50mm top thickness. 

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