The Biggest Dining Table Design Trends in 2022


by Tom Marsh Furniture

The biggest dining table trends in 2022


Create synergies with the room, or go bold and make a statement. This year is all about blazing your own path!

1. Bold paint colours to match the vibrant tones in the space.

When considering a colourful dining table, a painted base is a great option to retain coordination between the tones in your space and your dining table. An ideal solution for those looking to add a bit of boldness into their living space without the table looking out of place. 



2. Different hues and tones of natural timber.


Keeping the natual beauty of timber is essential to tables. But to introduce colours into your space, the use of different hues on the natural timber can establish the table as the focal point of the room. Whether it be constrasting shades to propell the table as the centre of attention, or simply a nice tone in order to liven up the natural timber. Both options have a different effect on the look of the combined setting.



3. Sculpted Legs are back in vogue.

The resurgence of the carved, sculpted and turned legs are an ode to the period style antiques that once ruled our living spaces up and down the country. However now they resonate in a more contempory avenue, showing flashes of elegance that remind us all of the sheer brilliance in design that existed long before our time.



4. Upcycled, reclaimed, repurposed.

Shopping with sustainability in mind has rocketed to the forefront of many people's mind this year, so buying reclaimed timber items that have been repurposed as dining tables is really taking off. There are added benefits that aren't talked about so much though. Such as the fact that reclaimed timber has been naturally aged through its use in its prior lifetime. This, of course, lends itself to developing character in the timber that cant be replicated! This is why upcycled dining tables have unique value, beyond the feel good of knowing who your money supports.


5. The trend isn't always your friend, blaze your own path with bespoke.

If your home has quirks, rather than work around them, embrace them. Working with what you've got will go a long way because it can help you make the best decision for your given space, which ultimately makes it unique. Dining table trends are not a "one trend fits all" approach, what works for some may not work for you. Thats why bespoke made tables are so valuable in bringing to life something specially made for your home.


6. Off Black, Railings, Hague Blue will be big this year.

The Triad of deep and dark blue tones are in demand this year. This is in relation to the amount of kitchens that are in demand with the bluey black colours. As a by-product of this many of the table bases are painted to match.  Creating an understated look to any living space. 

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